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Money 101: Master your finances

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  • “I was really struggling with my managing a budget but when I started this course I realised after completing some activities and following the advises given I have gain control over my finance. Thank you very much for the knowledge.”

    – Paolla Masengo Musenu, South Africa

    3 March 2022
  • “I’ve learned so much, the course is masssive very helpfully and I enjoyed it, thankyou so much🥰👌🎓💃.”

    – Avela, South Africa

    12 February 2022
  • “I love the way this course explains well the money management its precise and simple straight to the point . I can now understand the credit card much better rather than getting angry thinking they are charging too much. I also love the financial planning cycle it helps a lot for one to archieve goals bit by bit and recycle again thumbs up ☝ you are number one guyz ”

    – Shelton Mawushe, South Africa

    28 January 2022
  • “It's a very important course. I have learnt that one can save money no matter how small the income is. What is important is financial planning and budgeting.”

    – Rawlings Ng'ambi, Zambia

    22 November 2021
  • “I would recommend this course for everyone out there seeking for knowledge and skills towards gaining a sufficient spending plan and financial freedom”

    – Deborah Oluwatosin Oladeji, Nigeria

    19 November 2021


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