The basics of conflict resolution

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This course answers some of the bigger questions about conflict: What is conflict? What causes conflict? How can conflicts be solved? It approaches conflict at all levels, whether personal or international, and takes a deeper look at the role of peace mediation.

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Who this course is for


This course is for citizens who want to understand reasons behind different kinds of conflicts and disputes and learn how to solve them.
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What you will learn

  • 1

    What conflict is and the potential reasons behind it may be

  • 2

    What conflict resolution looks like and why it is important to prevent conflict escalation

  • 3

    Why good communication and emotional awareness are key to conflict resolution

  • 4

    How negotiators, stakeholders and mediators are part of the peace process

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Course contents: 3 topics

  • 1

    Aiming for a peaceful solution What is conflict? Why does it happen? How can conflicts be solved? This first topic will explore some of these basic questions about conflict resolution.

  • 2

    Communication and emotions in conflict Successful communication and taking into account emotions are crucial for conflict resolution. This topic will show you why this is the case.

  • 3

    Peace is worth the effort This topic gives you a short, final view as to why conflict resolution is so important and a few tips to increase the chance of peace.

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What you will get

When you complete the course you’ll earn a Funzi certificate of achievement. You can showcase your certificate by mentioning it in your CV, Linkedin profile and other professional profiles.

  • Practical skills broken down into bite-sized learning, so that you can complete the course with only 15 min/day for 1 WEEK

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Here's what your fellow learners are saying about this course

  • “it helps to know the methods used to solve conflicts and the factors involved in monitoring conflict and how to provide a satisfactory solution”

    Rahimu chuma

  • “I'm happy that I was able to study this course. ”

    – Lerato , South Africa

  • “It opened up my mind a lot cause sometimes I find it so hard in understanding other people and why we had fights about something and now I know and understand that I have to also listen and be attentive and if I cannot solve the problem then I will need a mediator to assist.”

    – Phumelele , South Africa

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