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Take the steps to create an environment where change can thrive! You will benefit from this course especially if you are currently leading a team through change or expect that to happen in the future. You will learn about the conditions for positive change and find the ways to negotiate the common hurdles along the way.

Who this course is for logo

Who this course is for


This course is for professionals, possibly team leaders, that work in organisations going through changes.
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What you will learn

  • 1

    What is meant by a positive change culture and why it is important.

  • 2

    How to create an environment where change can thrive.

  • 3

    How to develop agility and resilience so that your organisation is equipped to thrive.

  • 4

    How to overcome the most common challenges to change.

Created with Pearson, the global leader in education logo

Created with Pearson, the global leader in education

The course is based on the best-selling book Business Express: Promote a positive change culture – Creating an environment where change can thrive by Sharon Varney published by Pearson. Funzi's learning experts have transformed the book into a mobile-optimized course consisting of bite-sized learning content.

Pearson is the global leader in education content.

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Course contents: 3 topics

  • 1

    Define a positive change culture To develop a positive change culture, you need to define what it means, and why it matters. Here’s how organisations and people in them behave as times change!

  • 2

    Create the conditions where change can thrive There are eight conditions you can present to your team and to your organisation. They will enable, empower and help change-ability to grow!

  • 3

    Negotiate hurdles to change This topic will address the six most common hurdles you’ll need to overcome on your way to the positive change culture you envisioned in the first topic.

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What you will get

When you complete the course you’ll earn a Funzi certificate of achievement. You can showcase your certificate by mentioning it in your CV, Linkedin profile and other professional profiles.

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Here's what your fellow learners are saying about this course logo

Here's what your fellow learners are saying about this course

  • “This is good it helps one think out of the box and also makes one take a sit back and think of what type of leader ones was and that there are some ways that really need to change in order to become a good leader ”

    South Africa

  • “You get to learn how to handle things and how to resolve some issues and tackle challenges in a manner that will give positive impacts in future”

    – Promise Sonto Gumede, South Africa

  • “Change is unavoidable, it is just a matter of negative or positive. This course teach us how to promote change in positive direction.”

    – Ahmad Ginanjar Firman, Indonesia

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