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This course will show you how you can negotiate in a smart and positive way so you reach a great deal that will be respected by all parties. Find out what the win-win approach is all about and how it will make your life easier before, during and after negotiations!

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Who this course is for


Anyone who is interested in negotiations of any kind, whether for business or as part of everyday life.
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What you will learn

  • 1

    What strategic negotiation is all about and how to negotiate effectively.

  • 2

    Why you don't have to make others lose so that you can win.

  • 3

    How to reach a sustainable and fair deal.

  • 4

    How you can prepare and communicate efficiently.

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Course contents: 4 topics

  • 1

    How do you negotiate? What is negotiation and why are you doing it? It involves talking and bargaining with another person or several people, but what do you actually want to achieve? What do the other people want to achieve? These are the first questions you should think about as your answers will shape your entire approach and strategy.

  • 2

    Before negotiations Negotiations start long before you actually speak with the other negotiators. You will need to do some smart preparation if you want to stay on track for a win-win deal and have a more pleasant negotiation experience. Check out this topic to figure out exactly what you can and should prepare!

  • 3

    Interact and communicate You will need to interact and communicate effectively with the other negotiators if you want to reach a win-win deal. That’s fairly obvious, right? But it’s also easier said than done! This topic will show you some tips and advice for the social side of negotiation.

  • 4

    Getting to the goal You are getting super close to a deal! But then the other negotiators start to ask for concessions. Learn how to reach the goal in this topic.

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What you will get

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