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Founder 101: Become a successful entrepreneur

6 topics


Certificate of completion available for this course – complete all topics to get it!
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Find out if becoming an entrepreneur is right for you! This course will teach you the steps to take: whether you need to know about developing your idea into a product or service; how to plan, organize and manage your finances; or learn new skills in sales, marketing and leadership.

What you will learn

  • If entrepreneurship is right for you, and how to develop the mindset to succeed.
  • The various roles and responsibilities which come with managing and leading a business.
  • How to develop your product or service based on what your customers need and want.
  • How to market and sell your product or service to customers and solve their problems.

What you will get

When you complete all the topics of this course, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion!

Certificate price: free – sponsored for you by Funzi. The certificate will be delivered as a PDF file that is suitable also for printing.