Bounce: Build your armour of courage

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Have you wondered why some people are able to find their way no matter what life throws at them? Their key to a successful life may just be resilience – the ability to bounce back from misfortune. Learn how you too can discover and build your invincible armour of strength and courage!

Who this course is for logo

Who this course is for


If you feel that everyday life is a struggle and the odds are against you, this may be the course for you!
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What you will learn

  • 1

    How to keep moving to overcome challenges and lead a happy, successful life.

  • 2

    Become more aware of your personal strengths and resilience.

  • 3

    Develop healthy coping strategies for challenging situations.

  • 4

    How to change your mindset from surviving to thriving.

Created with Pearson, the global leader in education logo

Created with Pearson, the global leader in education

The course is based on the best-selling book Bounce: Use the power of resilience to live the life you want by Gill Hasson published by Pearson. Funzi's learning experts have transformed the book into a mobile-optimized course consisting of bite-sized learning content.

This is a Funzi premium course. It has been created in partnership with Pearson, the global leader in education content.

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Course contents: 6 topics

  • 1

    Mastering bounce Resilience: what it means and how to get it. Get help to discover resilience in your own life and from people around you.

  • 2

    Test your bounce! Chart your personal strengths and skills with multiple choice questions about different areas of your life.

  • 3

    How to build your armour Find resilient ways to act and change your thinking. Be able to pinpoint habits that work against you.

  • 4

    Strengthening your armour Get more tools to build your bounce: this includes visualisation, mindfulness, and ways to connect with yourself and others.

  • 5

    Adapt and overcome! See the resilient approaches in the course in action. Study inspiring real-life examples where challenges are met with kindness and compassion.

  • 6

    Recap and reflect Reflective exercises on the topics from the course with compact descriptions on how to deal with various misfortunes.

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What you will get

When you complete the course you’ll earn a Funzi certificate of achievement. You can showcase your certificate by mentioning it in your CV, Linkedin profile and other professional profiles.

  • Practical skills broken down into bite-sized learning, so that you can complete the course with only 15 min/day for 4 WEEKS

  • Course content in the form of text, visuals, and activities to verify your learning

  • Access to the course anytime, as long as you want, once you’ve purchased the course

Here's what your fellow learners are saying about this course logo

Here's what your fellow learners are saying about this course

  • “A well balanced course, learnt alot that as help me in ways I never thought of ”

    Hamed Musa

  • “This course is teaching you how to stay motivated and get connected and organized in getting things done.”

    – Mmunga Lulaca Adams, Malawi

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