A mind for business: Boost how your mind works

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Ever wanted a user’s guide to your own mind? Take daily steps to make yourself and your business more successful! Learn the 10 habits that will get your mind ready and keep it that way: improve decision-making, inspire innovation, boost motivation and drive productivity.

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Who this course is for


This course is for anyone looking to make the most of their minds to advance in their career.
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What you will learn

  • 1

    Learn to make the most out of your most important asset: your mind.

  • 2

    Make more informed choices and perform better at work.

  • 3

    Reduce stress, manage your mental energy and moods.

  • 4

    Build better relationships, boost motivation and inspire others.

Created with Pearson, the global leader in education logo

Created with Pearson, the global leader in education

The course is based on the best-selling book A mind for business: Get inside your head to transform how you work by Andy Gibson published by Pearson. Funzi's learning experts have transformed the book into a mobile-optimized course consisting of bite-sized learning content.

Pearson is the global leader in education content.

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Course contents: 10 topics

  • 1

    Feed your mind Your mind is your greatest asset, so learn to take care of it and keep it performing at its best: how to nourish your mind and stay productive at work.

  • 2

    Master your moods Our thoughts, judgements and decisions are shaped by our moods. Learn to remain calm, focused and energetic throughout the working day.

  • 3

    Get motivated The best businesses engage their staff and get maximum effort from staff in return. Find out what really drives us to succeed and motivate yourself and others!

  • 4

    Handle pressure Pressure is a reality of modern business, but stress can harm us. Understand the psychology of pressure and learn practical tools to reduce stress at work.

  • 5

    Know yourself By understanding the characteristics that make each of us unique, we can play to our strengths, manage our weaknesses and work together better.

  • 6

    Train your mind Is it possible to increase your intelligence or change your habits? Explore how our minds learn new skills and find out how to train your mind.

  • 7

    Make smarter decisions Businesses depend on people making the right decisions at the right time. Understand our minds’ decision-making processes and how to make informed decisions.

  • 8

    Influence people We influence each other all the time, often without realising it. Learn to manage your influence, build better relationships, and inspire others.

  • 9

    Work collaboratively When we work together we can work smarter and get more done. Learn how to share ideas with others and explore better ways to communicate and collaborate.

  • 10

    Think creatively Organisations that fail to innovate are increasingly being left behind. Explore how to nurture creativity, find ingenious solutions and become more innovative.

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What you will get

When you complete the course you’ll earn a Funzi certificate of achievement. You can showcase your certificate by mentioning it in your CV, Linkedin profile and other professional profiles.

  • Practical skills broken down into bite-sized learning, so that you can complete the course with only 15 min/day for 3 WEEKS

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  • Access to the course anytime, as long as you want, once you’ve purchased the course

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Here's what your fellow learners are saying about this course

  • “The course really helps me understand how the mind works. Surely, it improves decision making I make in business.”

    Akram Muhammad

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