Get and keep customers Why copywriting is important for your business - and why you’re just the person to do it

There are many companies that put a lot of time and effort into writing their own copy. Have you ever thought about why copywriting is important for your business? Or why you’re just the person to do it?

Copywriting is a key element in advertising and marketing. It uses compelling text, 'the right words,' to encourage your customers to buy your product. Attractive copy can therefore help make your business seem more desirable to both current and prospective customers. And by writing your own copy, you also reduce the expense of specialized marketing and can redirect it towards building other aspects of your business.

There are several advantages to writing your own copy.

Nobody knows the product or service better than you

The fact of the matter is that you know your products and/or services better than the professional you hire to write copy. And while you can convey their benefits to the individual in question, they may not necessarily grasp your passion that surrounds those products and services. However, you may be able to capture and convey it to your customers more effectively. You can greatly enhance this ability by learning how to write effective copy.

More than anything, customers want to know why they should buy from you. Who better to communicate it to them than yourself!

You understand your customer base

When you started your business, you must’ve had an idea as to whom it would cater to. And over time surely that idea has developed as you interacted with customers, got feedback from them or gained insight into their needs and wants through surveys or focus groups. This depth of understanding of your customers that you have come to possess is the backbone of your business’s connection with them. For example, say you belong to the community where you’ve set up your business – a convenience store. There you can talk to and understand each of your customers and what it is they expect and require of the store.

At its heart, copywriting that’s directed at growing a business is all about connecting with your customers.

You have access to social media

Given the extent and accessibility of social networking sites, they are an excellent opportunity to grow your business. It can be as simple as posting a picture of your product on your social media page with a creative comment about its value or usability. Or, you could talk about a particular customer’s experience in a rather attractive and inspiring manner. That’s where copywriting skills will come in handy. Pairing copywriting and social media in this way will not only help you connect with the customers but also show them that you are invested in what you’re selling and how it relates to their lives.

Remember, posts and uploads on social media can easily snowball – one of your regular customers can share it with their friends or family and them with theirs and so on. Before you know it, your customer base has grown tenfold. And it could all depend on a piece of good copywriting!

It contributes to the marketing process

Let’s say you decide to outsource all your copywriting work after all – perhaps you have a lot of other work that needs tending to or there is enough money in the budget to cover the cost of copywriting and more. Whatever it is, if you already understand the creative process of copywriting and what goes into it, you will be in a better position to partake in or contribute to it if needed.

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