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New courses launched - November 2021

Our courses cover a wide range of timely topics across many industries! If you need proof, just check out the three courses we launched in November. Two are about how to support others and create a positive work atmosphere during times of change. The other teaches you what you need to know if you are or want to become a professional driver.

The world is constantly changing, but in just two short years the covid-19 pandemic has accelerated change more than we ever could have imagined. This is just as true in business as it is in one’s personal life. For this reason, we have rolled out two courses that focus on how to deal with change in the workplace - from supporting your team by focusing on positives, to overcoming obstacles by using the change to your advantage.

The pandemic has also dramatically impacted many industries - including that of professional drivers. Some parts of the driving industry, such as food delivery, have seen an increase in work; others, such as those dependent on tourism, are getting much less work. This uncertainty makes it even more important that drivers prepare for a job change and stay on top of their game. We offer a course that will help build your professionalism as a driver and improve your employability.

Are you interested in learning how to cope and grow with change? Are you a driver looking to build your professional skills? Then check out these courses:

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    If you’re a professional driver seeking professional self-improvement, or a hope-to-be driver looking to learn what it takes, then this course is made for you. It will teach you how to build your professionalism, provide quality customer service, drive safely and take care of your vehicle.

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