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Looking for a job? Here are four questions to ask yourself

Are you currently looking for a job? Or hoping to make a career change? There is a world of work out there that could use your unique talents. You just need to make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to shine.

Start with clearly defining the type of work that is right for you by asking yourself these four questions:

1. What are my interests and skills?

Knowing what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at is necessary before you begin looking for a job. This will help you search for jobs where you can thrive.

2. What is my career objective?

Your career objective should clearly define what you are trying to accomplish at this point in your life. It is one of the steps that you are taking toward achieving your larger career goals. For example, your objective might be growth opportunities in administration management in the financial services industry. Not only is it important for you to know this on a personal level, but potential employers will also be interested in knowing your career plans.

3. What are my strengths & weaknesses?

Once you have identified your career objective, it's time to reflect. Make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses. It is important that you are very honest with yourself so that you can plan how to leverage your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. If you are finding it difficult to do this, ask a trusted friend or colleague. You may find that you were not aware of some of your strengths, or they may offer to help you with your weaknesses.

4. Are there gaps in my skills/qualifications that I need to work on?

Now that you’ve mapped your interests, skills, career objective, strengths and weaknesses, you can more easily identify the skills and qualifications you need to develop. Start by prioritizing them and then make a short and long term plan on how to upskill yourself.

If you can answer these four questions, then well done! A lot of the hard work has been done, and you can now start working on your career plan. Remember, actively planning your career will take you from job seeker to successful candidate!

Just keep in mind that growth is a gradual process, so try not to overwhelm yourself by trying to learn everything all at once. - Excerpt from Get That Job course

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