Stand out from other applicants

How to kickstart your career – or to give it a new boost!

You might have heard people say that having good grades is all you need to get the job you want. Or that you can just walk into a company, ask for a job and start work the next day: “That’s how it was done when I was your age”. Well, times have changed – to really kickstart your career, you need the skills to market and promote yourself!

Here are a few things you can do to give your career a boost!

1. Get on social media

You didn’t expect this tip, did you? Perhaps you thought that social media is only a place for friends, family and colleagues to hang out. But, luckily for you, social media is also a great place to find potential employers.

Think about organizations you would like to work for, and then go find them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Become an active member of their online community. Like and share their posts. Actively participate in the conversations. Be helpful, polite and considerate. Make yourself seen and heard!

Before following an organization you are interested in, you might want to clean up your own social media pages. Hide away embarrassing party photos and erase any potentially damaging comments. Many employers do look at social media pages before hiring!

2. Consider working for a smaller company

Getting an internship or a job placement opportunity in a smaller company could be just what you need! In a smaller company, you’ll have more responsibility and a greater opportunity to try out different roles.

Smaller businesses do not necessarily have the budget to advertise their opportunities or even the time to spend on recruiting processes. This is another good reason to follow them on social media and be an active member of their online community.

3. Build your connections

Stepping into the job market with no previous experience or no contacts is quite a challenge. Think about actively building up your connections. Use family and friends to help connect you with others. Attend networking events, both in-person and online. Join professional associations and attend their trade fairs. Read professional blogs and make thoughtful, interesting comments.

Or why not start a blog of your own? Or submit an article to somebody else’s blog? Develop connections and build a reputation in the field you are interested in.

Who knows? Before long, you may even get to pick and choose from a variety of companies who want to hire you.

Kickstart your career yourself – make yourself easy to be found!


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