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How to adapt to change in the workplace

“The world is changed; I can feel it in the water…” Galadriel said that in the Lord of the Rings, but it seems to be the reality for us, too. Lately, it would seem that change is the new normal. If it is, how can we adapt to it? This article will give you ideas to help you survive, and even thrive!

You probably have noticed some of the changes that Covid-19 has brought to everyday work life. For instance, remote work had to be quickly introduced in even the most traditional, old-fashioned companies. A lot of companies offering services have had to rethink their products and distribution methods.

Sometimes these changes have been quick and dramatic. Other times, however, Covid-19 has merely accelerated trends that were already well underway. For years, there has been a strong current driving workplaces into new digital and virtual realities.

These evolving worklife trends carry not only risks, but also great opportunities! Here are a few tips you can follow when learning how to adapt to change in the workplace.

Develop your soft skills

Soft skills are qualities that allow you to interact effectively and harmoniously with others. They are important at any time, but perhaps most noticeably so during times of change.

As more and more work has moved into virtual spaces, for example, the importance of communication skills has only grown. Online communication presents its own unique challenges – when people are not physically in the same room, the possibility of misunderstanding a word or gesture increases. Therefore, interacting from a distance requires an even greater need to show emotional intelligence and empathy.

Leadership skills are also undergoing a shift. Amidst all these changes, it is especially important to ensure that all team members have understood their assignments and are motivated to carry them out. There is also a need to be empathetic to how differently team members react to things.

Why not help you and your team by developing soft skills in yourself?

Even if you are not in a managerial position, you can be a part of creating a safe, encouraging, motivated environment - both in a virtual sense and a physical sense.

Learn about coping strategies

People react to change in different ways. It can lead to shock, denial or even anger. Do you know how to deal with these changes in the most beneficial way? Coping strategies - which are actions you can take to deal with new, stressful or unpleasant situations - can significantly benefit you and your team. These include:

  1. Acknowledging that any negative feelings you have are natural and understandable.
  2. Accepting that the change is often out of your control.
  3. And, once you have accepted this, seeking ways to find as much control as possible. For instance, think about the ways you can actively take part in the change. Could you join a committee or volunteer for some position? Could you get more education on the matters at hand?

Accepting and taking part in the change are perhaps the most rewarding ways to enjoy - and maybe even benefit from - times of uncertainty.

Focus on innovation

Change can be a positive thing: it creates opportunities to innovate.

For example, nowadays, products and services are constantly fine-tuned to meet the customers’ demanding needs, which can mean a lot of rapid changes. These changes encourage companies to innovate and bring something new to the world. As such, change can be beneficial, creating better business opportunities and a growth mindset in the workplace!

To create an atmosphere of innovation, try starting with really simple steps: ask your team members for their suggestions for change or hold informal brainstorming workshops in a novel setting. Innovation can spring from almost anywhere!

Your soft skills will also come in handy here. Creating a supportive environment is critical for developing a creative and problem-solving mindset in an organization.

Take good care of yourself

Finally, taking care of yourself is always essential, but may be even more so when a big change is happening. So put some effort towards your mental and physical health, get lots of rest and try to create a positive, open atmosphere at the workplace. Embracing change starts with you!

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