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Mmunga Adams: “How Funzi helped me improve my interview skills and get the job”

Mmunga’s dream is to become a great entrepreneur and to drive change in his community. His journey began with the skills and confidence he gained from Funzi’s Founder 101: Become a successful entrepreneur course.

In 2011, Mmunga became a refugee in Malawi when he had to flee his home country of Congo. Fast forward to today, and he is running a small business and working as a volunteer teacher at Jesuit Refugee Service. He is able to lift up his community every day with the skills he has acquired and as a Funzi superstar.

My goal is to become financially stable and to create an unfailing business.

Funzi courses have helped him bring his dreams to life: “Before I learned the Get That Job course, I applied to the Volunteer teacher position at Jesuit Refugee Service for three consecutive times, but I failed. I finally passed my last interview after gaining much experience from the Get That Job course.”

Mmunga’s hope is that every refugee could learn on Funzi because not only do the courses offer a certificate, they equip learners with skills and knowledge that are both valuable and unique. Through Funzi, he has learned how to;

  1. confidently run any kind of business
  2. resolve conflicts and create an enjoyable environment in the workplace and in the community
  3. influence his community and bring about positive change

"I no longer let my fears get in the way of my dreams"

I was a person with a strong negative attitude, always thinking about loss in business, but after completing the course Founder 101, I started a small business.

Mmunga’s fear of losing money was holding him back from pursuing his goals of starting a business. But because he was able to learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and develop the right skills and mindset needed to achieve success, he was prepared to take that next step. His business is now slowly taking off, and it has helped him to take care of some of his daily primary needs.

“I have taken another step ahead comparably to my past life. Funzi has helped me to be a promoter of positive social change within the communities I live.”


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