Funzi news corner Funzi uses AI market research to determine the most in-demand skills in the South African job market

Wondering what skills you should be learning to make yourself more competitive in the job market? We partnered with Headai, a Finnish AI-driven business intelligence company, to conduct research into the skills that employers in South Africa seek most.

Headai accessed public data sources, such as job ads in South Africa and the Directory of Open Access Journals, to analyze information on skills trends and demands. Using this data, they produced a visual skills map highlighting the most in-demand job skills. They determined that the top three in-demand skills in South Africa are:

  • Management skills
  • Sales skills
  • Accounting skills

Headai also listed the top skills for different job titles. For example, the top skills needed for consultants are sales, management, consultancy (both sales consultancy and recruitment consultancy) and customer skills.

If you are thinking about pursuing work in these fields, check out our courses on to improve your skills.

Creating courses to meet your needs

We are continuously adding courses to our library and will use the data from Headai to inform future decisions. Here’s a peek into what that process entails.

We first check the masterlist of books that our content partner Pearson Education has available. We then take into account the most in-demand skills as well as our existing course selection before choosing the most relevant, sought after and up-to-date titles from the list. When everything aligns, we start the course production process.

Take management skills as an example. We know from the Headai data that these skills are in high demand. Furthermore, we know the top skills required for managers. Using this data, we will look to expand the concept of management in a holistic way. This includes courses on people skills, presenting, project management and sales. For some of these skills, we already have a course; for others, we will need to create one (and will use a Pearson book to do so).

Though the main focus is on courses, we will use the data to create other types of content as well. This includes targeted blog posts, videos, and social media posts.

At Funzi, we take pride in our commitment to using a science-based, data-driven approach to meet the needs of our learners. Giving them the 21st-century skills to thrive is first and foremost on our minds and we are happy to let data lead the way.

Here are some courses on the top 3 skills demanded by employers. Check them out and build up your in-demand skills!


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