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Ondela Mlandu: Skills to empower yourself and others

We spoke to Ondela Mlandu, a multi-hyphenate professional woman based in Cape Town, South Africa. She gives us a glimpse into her purpose to empower herself and other women through skills development and her journey of learning with Funzi.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I'm a 30-year-old South African female who is passionate about all things women empowerment, media and communications. In all that I do, I'm driven by my love for the African continent and the great potential the women on this continent have to offer (whether it be through their various industries or in the entrepreneurship space). I take pleasure in the exploration of diverse lifestyles, cultures and settings. This is an interest I have been able to feed through my travels and writing. I have an enormous admiration for women who are content in their own skin, dreams and ambitions, which is why some of my work focuses on building and equipping women to be their own champions, in their personal capacity or in their careers.

Can you give us some background on your professional experience? What are you currently working on?

I come from a journalist background with experience in marketing, digital marketing, radio broadcasting, and communications. In my career, I've contributed to a couple of South Africa's finest print magazines, national newspapers and radio stations. I'm also a podcast host who's had the opportunity to sit with many influential business owners and entrepreneurs in South Africa. At the moment, I'm in the tech space overseeing the Communications department for an organisation. A large part of what I do focuses on using mobile technologies to solve some of the world's largest social problems in Africa. The work I do is very close to my heart as I work with national and international organisations to solve some of the societal ills that I feel strongly about.

What are your career/ entrepreneurship goals?

I have many, but the one I will speak of is my hopes to one day work with/for the UN Women. I visualise myself working alongside governments and civil societies to design and implement laws, policies, programmes and services that will enable women and girls to claim their rights and expand their opportunities.

What made you decide to collaborate with Funzi?

As someone who believes in life-long learning, I’m continuously on a path to learn and upskill myself. I imagine many women wanting the same for themselves too. My collaboration with Funzi is one that will hopefully allow me to be the interceder between the women of South Africa and the educational courses that Funzi has to offer. The courses that Funzi offers are in collaboration with Pearson and Facebook, meaning the courses are reputable and formulated by the top professors and educators.

What courses have you taken on Funzi?

Advancing my career and myself as a leader is important for my personal development. I've enrolled and taken the following Funzi courses because they aligned with my priorities at the moment:

Founder 101- Become a successful entrepreneur

Emotional intelligence: The skill that connects us

Get that job

Get that future: Creating a better tomorrow

How do you feel the Funzi courses have helped you in your personal and/or career development?

I thoroughly enjoy the Funzi courses. The way the courses are created is very unconventional compared to normal textbook learning. The courses are straightforward and relatable. The examples used for each case study are relevant and can be applied to all aspects of your life, not just the professional world. There is a long list of free courses which one can take, but there are premium courses you will need to pay for that are worthwhile as well. By the end of each course, you will receive a certificate.

Which courses would you recommend to people in your field?

There are a variety of options to choose from. If you're looking to upskill your career, then I'd highly recommend taking a look at the Communications skills category and Boost your career category. If your focus right now isn't about a career focus, and you want to gain a new life skill or develop your confidence which is amazing to do then have a look at the Life skills courses. The world will be your oyster!

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