A pedagogy that works: Why learners love Funzi

If you scroll through the learner reviews for our courses on funzi.mobi, you’ll notice a consistent pattern: our learners love our courses. In fact, the average rating for all of our courses, over thousands of reviews, is 4.84 out of 5! Impressive stuff, right? One reason for this great feedback is the timely and relevant topics we focus on. But perhaps even more important is the Funzi learning method: our science-backed pedagogy makes learning accessible, impactful and fun.

Funzi designs its courses for mobile users on the move. As such, we need to structure them around the fact that people check their phones a lot in their free time and that these sessions last just a few minutes. So how do we do this? Let’s take a look at the pedagogical elements we use to optimize our courses.

Bite-sized learning

At the heart of the Funzi course experience are the ‘bite-sized’ learning cards. We use a variety of card types, all relatively short in length and designed to give variety and improve learning outcomes. Standard learning cards are usually around 250 words and can be read in just a minute or two - ideal for those on the move; shorter, quote-sized Did you know cards provide you with an ‘Aha!’ moment, lightening up the learning experience; Activity cards quiz you on what you have learned; and Boost your skills cards allow you to apply key learning points to real-life situations.

Studies show that learning in these bite-sized chunks (sometimes also called micro-learning) not only increases the likelihood that you will frequently return to the course, but that you will also better retain what you have learned. The variety of card types also stimulates learning and keeps you focused and engaged.

The core learning loop

Funzi structures its courses according to the core learning loop. In short, this means we group learning cards into handfuls of 7 - 12 cards. Furthermore, you can only unlock new handfuls when you have completed the previous one. And as each handful takes around 15 minutes to get through, it further supports our bite-sized learning formula: it’s a perfect length for a short bus trip, a break between classes or some free time at work. Two to four of these handfuls make up one topic and each course consists of two to seven topics.

This hands-on structure - which has its roots in the gaming industry - boosts motivation and gives you a sense of achievement as you progress through each handful and topic of the course. And taking breaks between handfuls gives you the chance to digest what you have learned. It also builds anticipation of what’s coming next.

A positive tone of voice

We write our courses in encouraging, everyday language and explain even the most difficult concepts in a clear and understandable way. This creates a sense of connectedness with the learners and makes our courses accessible to those who don’t speak English as a mother tongue. With this ongoing encouragement, you feel more engaged and motivated to learn.

Learner activation

Rather than telling you what to do, Funzi uses an empowering and activating approach. We ask you questions that stimulate your thinking, sprinkle engaging activities throughout our courses and encourage you to apply what you’ve learned to your own life. Reflecting on and actively reviewing the course content helps you retain key learning points. It also builds up confidence, encourages independent thinking and supports a growth mindset.

We are proud of the positive impact that our top-notch courses have on our learners. It’s all possible because of an evidence-based pedagogy which lifts motivation, improves knowledge retention and boosts learner enthusiasm. And the high number of glowing reviews from our learners proves that it's a pedagogy that works!

Literally all of the courses on Funzi get great reviews, but here are our top three. Why not check out one of them (or even more) and leave a review yourself?


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